Code Geass 角色名字意思(英文)

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Code Geass character`s names meaning

Lelouch Lamperouge: His name is made of a little jigsaw-word in French, which actually have literal meaning.

For example, his family name Lamperouge literally means "Red Lamp" in French and spelled using two words: Lampe, Rouge.
Lampe: lamp, light.
Rouge: the red color.

While his name, Lelouch would be equal to say "The suspicious one/suspect" in obvious reference of his position as Zero, the unidentified rebel that stands against the Empire. Therefore, it is again composed by two French words:
Le: article -the-
Louche: spelled minus the final mute "e", equivalent to -suspicious-

Suzaku: Fenix
Euphemia: Well-spoken
Karen - Kallen: Pure
Schneizel: Tailor
Cornelia: Horn
Kanon かのん 花音: flower, beauty, sound
Mao まお 真央: truth, sincerity, reality, center
Lilyana: Gracious Lily.
Marika: Bitter
Kewell: {Not found} Newell :New hall / Kell: Spring / Sewell: sea strong
Clovis: "renowned fighter"
Villette: "small town"
Rivalz: not found
Nina: little girl; great-granddaughter
Milly: industrious, striving; work; rival; laborious; eager; bee; honey; gentle strength; brave strength.
Jeremiah: "the Lord exalts"
Shirley: bright meadow
Gino: "ever-living" or "well-born, noble"
Anya: "resurrection; favored grace"
Rolo - Rollo: Wolf
Nunnally: dweller, near, the nun's grove or meadow.
Odysseus: "angry man"
Guinevere: White wave
Luciano: Light
Monica: Arabic: Peaceful, Irish: Noble, Greek: Solitary, Latin: Adviser; counselor.
Diethard: Two-element name derived from the elements 'theud' meaning people, race ; 'hart' meaning brave, hardy.
Guilford: The development is from the ancient words gylde, meaning gold, and forda, a shallow river crossing.
Rai: "trust; lightning, thunder"
Nonnette: nine, ninth.
Bismarck Waldstein: relationated with Otto von Bismarck
Waldstein: Austrian general in the Thirty Years' War, born in Bohemia.
Darlton: not found
Cecile: Blind Of Self Beauty
Loyd: "gray-haired; sacred"
Marianne: Bitter or sea of bitterness
Charles: "free man"
Alice: Noble, Kind
Dorothea: Gift of God
Kaguya: moon princess
Li: reason, logic, stand, dawn, black, strength, masculine power, feminine beautiful, minister, hillside
Tian zi: "the Son of Heaven"
Chiba: ‘thousand leaves’
Chawla (rakshata) :Hindu (Arora) and Sikh name, based on the name of a clan in the Arora community, which is apparently named with čāwəl ‘rice’.
Tamaki: ‘jewel tree’, ‘rice paddy planter’, ‘jeweled castle’.
Sayoko: child of Sayo
Arthur: King Arthur of Britain (sixth century) and his Round Table of knights have become legendary figures. "bear", "stone".

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