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Alarm Clock Pro v8.6 | 7.45 MB

Wakingup to headache-inducing buzzers and static-plagued radio stations cannow be confined to your past. Alarm Clock Pro enables you to designyour daily routine and perform various tasks automatically, such asstarting your favorite iTunes playlist! With the sheer amount offunctionality Alarm Clock Pro offers, it can easily integrate intonearly every aspect of your life. Speak or display favoriteinspirational quotes randomly throughout the day, or even send them astext messages to your cell phone! Have important reminders, or evenbirthday cards, e-mailed to contacts. Record laps with the Stopwatch.Track time differences for your investment portfolio. Even use it tohelp cook dinner by using the timer!

In addition to Alarm ClockPro's extensive list of programmable tasks, it also offers flexibilitywhen it comes to timing alarms. Many solutions offer the ability to setalarms based on a specific date. However, Alarm Clock Pro can alsoinitiate alarms based on a recurring monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, oreven minutely schedule! Even start a countdown timer based on aspecific time interval.
For both Mac OS X and Windows for the priceof a single license, Alarm Clock Pro is one of the only affordableuniversal solutions for your needs. Download the free fully functionalfifteen-day trial today, and judge for yourself.


Alarm Events
* Send a text message to a cell phone
* Play an audio or video file
* Loop, fade, and auto-stop media files
* Increase media file playback speed
* Alter media file playback volume
* Loop media files via number or hour count
* Open documents and applications
* Play a web broadcast
* Play an iTunes playlist
* Play a random iTunes song
* Stop, Pause and Resume iTunes
* Open a website
* Send an e-mail with optional attachments
* Compose an e-mail
* Connect and disconnect the modem
* Send a serial command to the modem
* Start or stop the screensaver
* Take a screenshot
* Perform any shell command
* Display and/or speak text
* Bounce the icon in the dock (or flash it in the Taskbar on Windows)
* Display and/or speak a random line of text
* Automatically wake the computer from sleep (by schedule)
* Put the computer to sleep
* Startup the computer
* Shutdown the computer
* Logout
* Maximize system volume
* Maximize iTunes volume
* Unmute system volume
* Combos are allowed! Specify as many of these events per each alarm as desired.

Alarm Types
* Specific dates (ie. May 11, 2006 at 7:30 AM)
* Dynamic dates (ie. [Every Month] [All Days], [All Years] at 5:00 PM)
* Relative dates (ie. 1st and 3rd Monday and Friday of [Every Month] at 2:00 PM)
* Specified number of minutes past the hour (chimes)
* Timer alarms — alarms that execute after a specified amount of time

Alarm Tools
* Smart snooze — ring on an incrementally decreasing, or increasing, schedule
* Extend alarm execution date by a specified amount of time
* Create alarm templates (presets) for new alarms
* Auto launch Alarm Clock Pro when needed and/or on login
* View this month's current calendar — days with active alarms are underlined
* Alarm Menu — easy to access menubar (or taskbar) icon with alarm details

* Chime alerts can act like a Mindfulness Bell
* Calculate the difference between two time periods or time zones
* Stopwatch with lap counter
* View the current computer uptime
* Task list with priorities and random viewer that can speak items
* Create custom on-screen clocks with transparencies!
* Auto-open custom clocks or windows on launch
* Ring alarms at an offset from the system clock

Version 8.6 (released on: 2009-01-14)
* Bug Fix: Fixed crash on startup if you had a Clock Plugins folder next to the application.
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wow...thz for sharing.....
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