[小玩意] Speaking Clock Deluxe v3.6

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Speaking Clock Deluxe v3.6 | 5.41 MB
SpeakingClock Deluxe is one of internet’s most popular talking clock utilitiesand it has been download in several hundred of thousands copies! Notonly will it turn your computer into a speaking clock with over 30languages - it can also keep track of up to 50 alarms that can be setto a time and a date, and be repeated daily, weekly, monthly andyearly. The interface is all-graphical with a screen resembling an LCD(including a dot matrix section), which shows time, date, another timezone or random quotes. It also features a speaking calculator, aversatile timer function that works like a stopwatch or a countdowntimer. And last, but not least, it supports text-to-speech and MSagents, to give you animated time announcements and reminders. Using“natural speech”, Speaking Clock can tell you the time in over 30different languages. English, French, German, Spanish and Russian isincluded by default.

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