[主题包] Aero Ultimate Windows 7 Beta 6801 Skin Pack for XP

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Aero Ultimate Windows 7 Beta6801 Skin Pack for XP | 60MB
Aero Ultimate 7 6801 Beta

Aero Ultimate 7 6801 Beta
UPDATE! Install bug fixed,

Notice: You need Aero Ultimate Original to be installed, otherwise the shellstyle won't work

Aero Ultimate 7 6801 Beta for XP (Based on original Aero Ultimate).The pack includes: WindowBlinds style,New FindeXer config and icons,Perfectly matching vistart skin,Wallpapers,The PDC (the one in the preview) wallpaper,7 StylerToolbar ,Windows 7 Logon,Windows 7 Screensaver, Aero Ultimate for TrueTransparecy

I finally got all the resources I needed without having to downloadSeven (the dl speeds are still very low), so this release has someoriginal images from windows seven. Mostly the startmenu is improved,it's a little darker and has a blueish shade on it, all other stuff wasdemonstrated in the previous preview.
The pack includes:

WindowBlinds style
New FindeXer config and icons
Perfectly matching vistart skin


The PDC (the one in the preview) wallpaper

If you want these gadgets - download rainbar and simply disable the sidebar background:

7 StylerToolbar

Windows 7 Logon

Windows 7 Screensaver

Aero Ultimate RC3 for WindowBlinds 6.0 - The most complete Vista style for Windows XP

Update! Fixed some bugs in RC3.1 and more...

Updated preview
Added Windows Seven M3 Substyle
Fixed All skin patches + added more
Fixed Graphite substyle
Fixed 48px version


If you're still on XP and want to make it look like vista - you werewaiting for this update, it took a while though, but now I present youthe RC3 version of Aero Ultimate! It's a major milestone and has tonsof fixes, improvements and optimizations. The RC3 release has nearlyperfect images (It took some trouble to get them...). All Aerosubstyles + ezlo are updated with many new details, also NEXtlevel hasonly a few fixes. The basic substyles aren't modified much though. Onemore thing - the dialog color in all substyles is now white, which issame as in vista - this was made for the upcoming Aero Ultimate shell32and other mods. All skin patches are modified to fit the new version ofthis plus some other extras you'll find in the pack. The info in the previewisn't updated, the style looks better when applied. As usual - pleasepost your opinions, suggestions and bug reports in your comments, ifyou appreciate my hard work, consider :+fav:ing this deviation

Enjoy the new update!

PS: The pack size is smaller because I got rid of some wallpapers which you can download later.


What's included in this release?


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